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Shrimp Plant 10 Seeds Justicia brandegeeana

Shrimp Plant 10 Seeds Justicia brandegeeana

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Justicia brandegeeana, commonly known as the shrimp plant or Mexican shrimp plant, is a tropical evergreen shrub that is well-regarded for its distinctive and eye-catching inflorescence. Here are some key features of Justicia brandegeeana:

Appearance: The most striking feature of the shrimp plant is its unique inflorescence, which resembles the shape of shrimp. The true flowers are small and inconspicuous, while the colorful bracts (modified leaves) surrounding them are what make the plant visually appealing.

Bract Colors: The bracts of Justicia brandegeeana can come in various colors, including shades of red, orange, pink, or yellow, depending on the specific cultivar.

Foliage: The leaves are typically simple, lance-shaped, and arranged oppositely along the stems. The foliage is usually green and serves as a backdrop to the vibrant bracts.

Growth Habit: Shrimp plants are generally compact and bushy, reaching a height of about 2 to 3 feet. They can be grown as both indoor and outdoor plants, depending on the climate.

Cultivars: There are several cultivars of Justicia brandegeeana with variations in bract color and size. Some popular cultivars include 'Yellow Queen,' 'Red Queen,' and 'Lollipop.'

Growing Conditions: Shrimp plants thrive in warm, tropical climates. They prefer well-draining soil and partial shade. In cooler climates, they can be grown as houseplants or in containers that can be moved indoors during colder seasons.

Maintenance: Pruning is recommended to maintain a compact shape and encourage more prolific flowering. Regular watering and well-draining soil are crucial for their well-being.



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