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Rayless Sunflower Helianthus radula 20 Seeds

Rayless Sunflower Helianthus radula 20 Seeds

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The Rayless Sunflower is a wildflower that is native to the southeastern United States.  It has an unusual form for a sunflower. Rather than a long stem with numerous leaves along it like a typical garden sunflower, the rayless does not have a long, leafy stem but rather a pair of opposite, basal leaves that are sessile and lay on the ground. The flowers are on long, straight, leafless stalks that arise from the center of the basal rosette. The flowers do not have yellow ray florets (or “petals”) but instead consist of only a cluster of dark disk florets. The inflorescences can be used in crafts for their unique form. It can be grown as a wildflower and for naturalizing. It grows in sandy soil in full sun.  


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