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Royal Palm Roystonea regia 100 Seeds USA Company

Royal Palm Roystonea regia 100 Seeds USA Company

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The legendary Royal Palm is one of the most spectacular products of the vegetable kingdom. It is a stunningly beautiful, regal and majestic tree with an appearance that is so unusual and different from most trees that it looks like it is almost artificial. It is a towering palm tree with a stout trunk that is swollen at the base and also swollen towards the middle or the top of the trunk. The trunk is light grayish white and smooth so it looks like a concrete pillar. At the top of the trunk is a large, smooth, grass green crownshaft that is several feet long. The canopy of the tree has several long, arching leaves. Leaves are plume-like with several rows of straight, rich, dark green leaflets. Royal Palms area easy to grow in subtropical and tropical regions. They are grown as specimen trees and along roads. An avenue that is lined with long rows of tall Royal Palms is truly stunning and is one of the most beautiful sites of a tropical landscape.


Growing Instructions


Soak the seeds for 24 hours to soften the seed coat. Fill several pots with a mixture of peat moss and perlite. Use pots that have drainage holes in the bottom. Sow the seeds 1/4 inch deep in the growing medium. Water the seeds and then place the pots in an area in full sun or light shade and with warm temperatures. In temperate regions keep the pots in a greenhouse or indoors if it is not warm outside.

Water the seeds when the growing medium starts to dry out on top. The seeds take 1 to 3 months to germinate. When the seedlings have developed two leaves, they can be transplanted. Dig a hole twice as wide and deep as the container. Put the seedling in the hole, fill it and then water it. Royal palms like full sun, warm temperatures and a lot of water. They have a very fast growth rate and in a few years, they will have a trunk that is several feet tall.


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