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Adam's Needle Yucca filamentosa 200 Seeds USA Company

Adam's Needle Yucca filamentosa 200 Seeds USA Company

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Yucca filamentosa, commonly known as Adam's needle, Spanish bayonet, or needle palm, is a species of evergreen perennial plant in the agave family, Agavaceae. It is native to the southeastern United States, particularly in regions such as Virginia, the Carolinas, and Florida.

This plant is characterized by its striking appearance, featuring long, sword-shaped leaves that are stiff and tough, with sharp pointed tips. The leaves typically grow in a rosette formation, and they have threads along the margins, giving the plant its specific epithet "filamentosa." The leaves can range in color from green to bluish-green, depending on the cultivar.

Yucca filamentosa produces tall flower spikes, often reaching heights of up to 2 to 3 meters (6.5 to 10 feet), adorned with bell-shaped creamy white flowers. The flowers are fragrant and attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

In landscaping, Yucca filamentosa is popular for its architectural appeal and ability to thrive in various growing conditions. It is often used in drought-tolerant gardens, rock gardens, and coastal landscapes due to its resilience to harsh environmental conditions. Additionally, it serves as an ornamental focal point in garden designs, adding a dramatic vertical element. Hardy in zones 4-10.


Growing Instructions for Adam’s Needle


  1. The seeds like well-drained soil. Prepare a mixture of half potting soil and half sand, perlite or vermiculite. Put the soil in a pot. Water the mixture so that it is moist but not wet. 2. Put the seeds on the soil. 3. Cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil. 4. Water the seeds. 5. Place the pots in an area with warm temperatures in full sun or part shade. 6. When the seedlings are a few inches tall, they can be transplanted.


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