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Starflower Pincushion Flower Scabiosa stellata 500 Seeds USA Company

Starflower Pincushion Flower Scabiosa stellata 500 Seeds USA Company

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Scabiosa stellata, commonly known as starflower pincushion or starry scabious, is a species of flowering plant in the teasel family. Native to the Mediterranean region, particularly areas like Italy and Greece, it is cultivated in gardens worldwide for its ornamental value.

This annual or short-lived perennial herb typically grows up to 60-90 cm (2-3 feet) tall and produces distinctive, star-shaped flowers with long, prominent stamens. The flowers come in various shades of white, cream, pink, or lavender, and they bloom atop branching stems from summer to early autumn.

Scabiosa stellata is prized for its unique appearance and is often used in flower arrangements and bouquets. It thrives in well-drained soil and full sun, making it a popular choice for rock gardens, borders, and container plantings. Additionally, it attracts pollinators such as butterflies and bees to the garden.

In terms of care, starflower pincushion is relatively low-maintenance, requiring regular watering during dry spells and occasional deadheading to prolong blooming. It can self-seed readily in favorable conditions, allowing it to naturalize in suitable habitats.


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