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African Tulip Tree Spathodea campanulata 100 Seeds USA Company

African Tulip Tree Spathodea campanulata 100 Seeds USA Company

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Spathodea campanulata, commonly known as the African tulip tree or flame of the forest, is a tropical tree that belongs to the family Bignoniaceae. Here are some key features and characteristics of Spathodea campanulata:

Origin: Native to tropical regions of West and Central Africa, the African tulip tree has been introduced and cultivated in various tropical and subtropical areas worldwide.

Appearance: The tree can grow up to 25 meters (80 feet) in height. It has large, pinnately compound leaves with 5 to 15 leaflets. The most striking feature is its showy flowers.

Flowers: The flowers are large and trumpet-shaped, with a flaring, five-lobed corolla. They are typically bright orange or red, resembling tulip flowers, which gives the tree its common name. The flowers are arranged in clusters at the tips of the branches.

Fruit: The tree produces woody capsules containing numerous winged seeds. The capsules split open when mature, releasing the seeds.

Cultivation: Spathodea campanulata is often cultivated as an ornamental tree in tropical and subtropical regions due to its attractive flowers. It prefers full sunlight and well-drained soil. Hardy in zones 10-11.

Growing instructions for the African Tulip Tree

  1. Soak the seeds for several hours. 2. Put a mixture of potting soil and compost or peat moss in a pot. 3. Press the seeds onto the surface of the soil. Do not cover the seeds with soil because they need light to germinate. 4. Water the seeds. Keep the soil moist but not wet. 5. Put the pots in an area that is in part shade. The seeds start to germinate in a few weeks. 6. When the seedlings are a few inches tall, they can be transplanted.


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