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Lace Bark Pine Pinus bungeana 20 Seeds USA Company

Lace Bark Pine Pinus bungeana 20 Seeds USA Company

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Pinus bungeana, commonly known as lacebark pine or Bunge's pine, is a species of pine tree native to China. It belongs to the Pinaceae family and is known for its distinctive exfoliating bark, which peels away in thin, papery layers, revealing patches of green, gray, and white underneath. This unique bark pattern gives the tree its common name, "lacebark pine."

Lacebark pine typically grows to be a medium-sized tree, reaching heights of 30 to 50 feet (9 to 15 meters) tall, with a conical to irregularly rounded crown. The needles are slender, blue-green, and occur in bundles of three. The tree produces small, ovoid cones that are about 2 to 4 inches (5 to 10 centimeters) long.

In addition to its attractive bark, Pinus bungeana is valued as an ornamental tree in landscaping due to its graceful form and tolerance of various soil and climate conditions. It is often planted as a specimen tree in parks, gardens, and along streetscapes. However, it is relatively uncommon in cultivation outside of its native range.


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