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Bay Laurel Bay Leaf Tree Laurus nobilis 5 Seeds USA Company

Bay Laurel Bay Leaf Tree Laurus nobilis 5 Seeds USA Company

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Bay Laurel is an aromatic evergreen tree native to Mediterranean region that has been used since ancient times as a seasoning. Leaves are elliptic, olive green and leathery. They have wavy margins. It is prominent in classical Greco-Roman culture. Hardy in zones 7-10.


Growing Instructions for the Bay Laurel


The seeds need to be planted when received or stored in a refrigerator until they are planted. The seeds have a period of dormancy. They can be planted outdoors in the fall or winter for spring germination or they can be cold stratified to simulate winter conditions and to break their dormancy at any time of the year. 1. Soak the seeds in water for 24 hours. 2. Place the seeds in a plastic bag and seal it. Store the bag in a refrigerator for 2 months. 3. The seeds like moist, well-drained soil. Fill a pot with moist sphagnum moss or a mixture of sand and potting soil. 3. Sow the seeds 3/8 of an inch deep. The germination tends to be slow. They germinate faster in warm temperatures. The seeds take 2 weeks to 6 months to germinate. 3.  The seedlings can be transplanted when they are a few inches tall.



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