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Beach Sunflower Helianthus debilis 5 Seeds USA Company

Beach Sunflower Helianthus debilis 5 Seeds USA Company

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Florida native Helianthus debilis (Dune Sunflower, Beach Sunflower) is one of the easiest to grow wildflowers. The beach sunflower is a sprawling, herbaceous groundcover that produces many yellow, daisy-like flowers. Its leaves are deltoid-shaped, with rough surfaces and toothed margins; they are alternately arranged. Blooms consist of brownish-red disk florets surrounded by bright yellow ray florets. Dune sunflower typically flowers in the summer, but may flower year-round in South Florida. Its flowers attract a variety of pollinators, including butterflies, moths and bees. Its dense growth pattern provides cover for many small animals, while its seeds are eaten by birds.

You might have seen this growing along the beach where they bind and stabilize sand dunes. Their bright yellow blooms remind us of rays of sunshine on a warm sunny day. Dune Sunflower has a long taproot with many lateral roots. These roots work together and help the plant store water in a drought. This is ideal in the home landscape where a tough, drought tolerant, full sun plant is desired. Once Dune Flower is mature, you can expect a spread of around six to eight feet. For this reason, Dune Sunflower is commonly used as a ground cover, so give this one plenty of room to grow. This wildflower also looks amazing in a mixed wildflower bed.

Growing Instructions

1. Prepare a mixture of half potting soil and half sand, perlite or vermiculite. Water the mixture so that it is moist but not wet.
2. Put the seeds on the soil.
3. Cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil.
4. Water the seeds.
5. Place the pots in an area with warm temperatures in full sun or part shade.
6. When the seedlings are a few inches tall, they can be transplanted.


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