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White Water Lily Nymphaea pubescens 100 Seeds USA Company

White Water Lily Nymphaea pubescens 100 Seeds USA Company

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The white water lily is an aquatic plant that is cultivated for its beautiful, many-petalled flowers. It is native to India and southeastern Asia, where it grows in shallow lakes and ponds. The large flowers are up to 6 inches wide. They are white or pink and they have long, narrow petals. The flowers are on long stems and they stand above the surface of the water. Leaves are dark green with toothed margins. They have hairs on the lower surfaces. The leaves that float on the water are circular and the leaves below the water are heart-shaped. They have hairs on the lower surfaces. It is also grown as an aquarium plant because the underwater leaves are very ornamental. It is also known as the pink water lily and the hairy water lily. Hardy in zones 4-10.


Growing Instructions for the White Water Lily


  1. Fill a small container with garden soil, not potting soil. 2. Sow the seeds on the surface of the soil. 3. Cover the seed with a thin layer of fine sand. 4. Fill an aquarium or a bowl with enough water to submerge the pot with the seeds under 2-3 inches of water. 5. Provide light and warmth for the seeds and the seedlings. A grow light placed 18 inches to 24 inches above the seeds works well. The seeds take 3-4 weeks to germinate. When the first leaves reach the water surface, they can be transplanted.


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