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Chinese Buttonbush Adina rubella 20 Seeds USA Company

Chinese Buttonbush Adina rubella 20 Seeds USA Company

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Adina rubella, also known as Chinese Buttonbush, is a deciduous shrub valued for its distinctive blossoms and attractive foliage. Belonging to the Adina genus, which includes 11 species of shrubs and small trees, Rubella stands out with its late-opening dark green leaves that create a reflective, mirror-like surface. While resembling our native Buttonbush (Cephalanthus occidentalis), Adina rubella distinguishes itself with smaller leaves and spherical flowers.

Thriving in moist soil, Chinese Buttonbush is commonly found in wet environments, such as along stream edges, ditches, ponds, and sandy shores in China. Notably, despite its affinity for wet locations, this shrub exhibits rare resilience by tolerating growth in dry shaded areas.


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