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Elegant Clarkia Clarkia unguiculata 1000 seeds USA Company

Elegant Clarkia Clarkia unguiculata 1000 seeds USA Company

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Clarkia unguiculata, commonly known as elegant clarkia or mountain garland, is a delicate annual wildflower native to western North America. It belongs to the Onagraceae family, which includes evening primroses. This plant is prized for its charming flowers, which range in color from pink to lavender and white.

Elegant clarkia typically grows in open, sunny areas such as meadows, grasslands, and along roadsides. It blooms from late spring to early summer, producing slender stems topped with clusters of cup-shaped flowers. Each flower has four petals and a distinctive column of stamens protruding from its center.

Gardeners often cultivate elegant clarkia for its ornamental value, as it adds a delicate touch to wildflower gardens, cottage gardens, and meadow plantings. Additionally, it serves as a valuable nectar source for pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

Cultivating elegant clarkia is relatively straightforward. It thrives in well-drained soil and full sun to partial shade. Sowing seeds directly in the garden in the fall or early spring is the preferred method for growing this wildflower. With proper care, elegant clarkia can self-sow and naturalize in suitable growing conditions, providing a colorful display year after year.


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