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Wintergreen Gaultheria procumbens 100 Seeds USA Company

Wintergreen Gaultheria procumbens 100 Seeds USA Company

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Gaultheria procumbens, commonly known as wintergreen, eastern teaberry, or checkerberry, is a small, creeping evergreen shrub native to North America. Here's a description of Gaultheria procumbens:

Size and Growth Habit: Wintergreen is a low-growing perennial shrub that typically reaches heights of 10 to 15 centimeters (4 to 6 inches) and spreads by underground rhizomes to form dense mats.

Leaves: The leaves of Gaultheria procumbens are glossy, leathery, and oval-shaped, measuring about 2 to 5 centimeters (0.8 to 2 inches) in length. They are dark green on the upper surface and lighter green on the underside, with serrated margins. When crushed or bruised, the leaves emit a pleasant, aromatic scent reminiscent of wintergreen.

Flowers: In late spring to early summer, Gaultheria procumbens produces small, white to pinkish bell-shaped flowers that hang down from the stems. While individually inconspicuous, these flowers are borne in clusters and add a delicate charm to the plant.

Fruit: After flowering, wintergreen plants develop small, round, red berries that persist through the summer and into the fall. These berries are edible and have a sweet, minty flavor. They are often used fresh or dried in culinary applications, as well as for making teas, flavorings, and medicinal preparations.

Habitat and Range: Gaultheria procumbens is commonly found in acidic, well-drained soils in forested areas, particularly in coniferous and mixed woodlands. It is native to eastern North America, ranging from Newfoundland and Labrador south to Georgia and west to Minnesota and Manitoba.

Cultural Uses: Wintergreen has a long history of traditional use by indigenous peoples and early settlers for its medicinal properties. The leaves and berries contain methyl salicylate, a compound with analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and aromatic qualities, which has led to its use in topical pain relief products and flavorings. Additionally, wintergreen oil extracted from the leaves is used in aromatherapy and as a flavoring agent in candies, gums, and oral care products.



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