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Hinoki Cypress Cones for Crafts 20 Cones Chamaecyparis USA Company

Hinoki Cypress Cones for Crafts 20 Cones Chamaecyparis USA Company

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The Hinoki Cypress has small cones that can be used for crafts. Crafting with cypress cones can be a fun and creative activity. Cypress cones are natural materials that can add a rustic and earthy touch to various crafts. Here are a few craft ideas you can try using cypress cones:

Wreaths: Create a beautiful wreath by attaching cypress cones to a wire or straw wreath base. You can paint the cones in different colors, add some dried flowers or ribbons, and create a charming door decoration.

Ornaments: Turn cypress cones into ornaments for your Christmas tree or seasonal decor. Paint them, add glitter, tie ribbons or strings, and hang them up. They can also be sprayed with a clear sealant to preserve their natural look.

Table Centerpieces: Incorporate cypress cones into table centerpieces for special occasions or everyday decor. Arrange them in a bowl or around candles for a rustic and cozy ambiance.

Garlands: String cypress cones together to create garlands that you can drape along a fireplace mantel, staircase railing, or doorway.

Napkin Rings: Glue small cypress cones onto plain napkin rings to give your table settings a unique and natural touch.

Potpourri: Mix dried cypress cones with other aromatic ingredients like dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks, and dried flowers to create your own potpourri.

Candle Holders: Attach cypress cones around the base of candles using hot glue to make decorative candle holders. Just be sure to keep the cones away from the flame.

Nature-inspired Art: Use cypress cones as elements in nature-inspired art projects. Create wreaths, sculptures, or wall hangings using cones as a focal point.

Gift Toppers: Attach painted or glittered cypress cones to the top of wrapped gifts for a unique and charming finishing touch.

Fairy Garden Accessories: If you enjoy making miniature gardens, cypress cones can serve as tiny garden accessories like planters or fairy houses.



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