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Montezuma Cypress Taxodium mucronatum 500 Seeds USA Company

Montezuma Cypress Taxodium mucronatum 500 Seeds USA Company

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The Montezuma Cypress is one of the 3 species of Taxodium, the other 2 species are the bald cypress and the pond cypress. It is one of the most remarkable trees in the world because it can grow to a tremendous size. A specimen of the Montezuma Cypress in Oaxaca, Mexico has the thickest trunk of any tree in the world. This specimen, known as the Tule Tree or the El Arbol del Tule, has a trunk that is even wider than those of the related giant sequoias and the unrelated African baobabs. The tree is 141 feet tall and the trunk is 46.1 feet in diameter. Taxodium mucronatum is native to Mexico, Guatemaula and southern Texas. The other 2 species are native to the southeastern United States. It grows along river and stream banks. It is evergreen, unlike the other 2 species, which are deciduous. It is a beautiful specimen tree for large lawns. Hardy in zones 8-11.


Growing Instructions for the Montezuma Cypress


The seeds have a period of dormancy and need to be cold stratified to break their dormancy. The seeds are stored in a refrigerator so they have already been stratified. The seeds need to be planted when received or stored in a refrigerator until they are planted. 1. Fill a planting tray with wet sphagnum moss. 2. Sow the seeds in the moss. 3. Cover the seeds with a ½ inch thick layer of moss. Keep the moss moist or wet but not flooded with water. The seeds take 1-3 months to germinate. 4. Plant the seedlings in containers with potting soil. 5. Place the containers in sunlight. Keep the soil very moist at all times but not wet. Feed the seedlings with a balanced fertilizer. 5. Move the seedlings to a permanent planting location the following autumn.


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