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Pink Four O'Clock Miracle of Peru Mirabilis Jalapa 500 Seeds USA Company

Pink Four O'Clock Miracle of Peru Mirabilis Jalapa 500 Seeds USA Company

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Mirabilis jalapa, commonly known as the four o'clock flower, is a charming flowering plant native to parts of South America. It belongs to the family Nyctaginaceae and is widely cultivated for its colorful and fragrant blossoms. Here's a description:

Appearance: Mirabilis jalapa is a bushy perennial that typically grows to a height of about 2 to 3 feet (60 to 90 centimeters). It has a somewhat sprawling habit with multiple branches. The leaves are ovate or lanceolate, arranged alternately along the stems, and can vary in color from green to purplish-green.

Flowers: The most distinctive feature of Mirabilis jalapa is its flowers, which are trumpet-shaped and approximately 2 inches (5 centimeters) in diameter. What's fascinating about these flowers is their ability to change color. They often start off as white or pale yellow in the evening, earning the plant its common name "four o'clock flower" because they typically begin to open in late afternoon. As the flowers mature, they may transition to shades of pink, red, magenta, or even bicolor combinations. This color-changing phenomenon adds to the plant's allure.

Fragrance: In addition to their visual appeal, the flowers of Mirabilis jalapa emit a sweet, pleasant fragrance, especially in the evening, which attracts pollinators like moths and butterflies.

Cultural Significance: Mirabilis jalapa has been cultivated for centuries for its ornamental value. It's often grown in gardens, borders, and containers, adding bursts of color and fragrance to outdoor spaces. Additionally, some traditional medicinal uses are associated with the plant, although its efficacy for such purposes may vary.

Growing Conditions: Mirabilis jalapa is relatively easy to grow and is tolerant of a wide range of soil types. It prefers full sun to partial shade and thrives in warm climates. The plant is often grown from seeds, which should be sown directly into the garden after the threat of frost has passed. Once established, Mirabilis jalapa is drought-tolerant and requires minimal maintenance. Hardy in zones 4-11.

Growing Instructions

Grow four o’clocks in full sun in almost any type of soil, but they do best in a humus-rich, well-drained spot.  Plants can be started from seed sown outdoors after the danger of frost has passed or indoors up to 8 weeks ahead of time. Soaking the seeds in water overnight will speed up germination. Sow the seeds no more than ¼ inch deep as light aids germination. They should germinate in 1-3 weeks.  Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle, if needed, into individual. Thin seedling or place transplants 12-24 inches apart.


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