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Yellow Mariposa Lily Calochortus luteus 10 Seeds

Yellow Mariposa Lily Calochortus luteus 10 Seeds

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Calochortus luteus, commonly known as the golden mariposa lily or yellow mariposa lily, is a species of flowering plant native to California and parts of Oregon in the United States. It belongs to the Liliaceae family, which also includes lilies.

This perennial plant is characterized by its graceful, erect stems that can reach heights of up to 2 feet (60 cm). At the top of each stem, it bears one to several large, showy flowers. Each flower has three petals (tepals), which are bright yellow and often marked with orange or brown at the base. The flowers have a distinctive tulip-like shape and are surrounded by grass-like leaves.

Golden mariposa lilies are typically found in grasslands, meadows, and open woodlands, where they bloom in spring to early summer, adding bursts of color to the landscape. They are popular among wildflower enthusiasts and gardeners for their striking blooms and ease of cultivation.

In addition to their ornamental value, some Indigenous peoples of California used parts of the plant for food and traditional medicine. However, it's important to note that like many plants, parts of Calochortus luteus can be toxic if ingested, so caution should be exercised.


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