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Giclee Print of an Illustration of the Florida Crown Conch

Giclee Print of an Illustration of the Florida Crown Conch

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The Florida Crown Conch, Melongena corona, is a species of sea snail that is in the family Melongenidae, the crown conches and their allies. The shell of this species is extremely variable in terms of the degree of spiny ornamentation. Some shells are much smoother than others. These snails can be as large as about 5 in (12 cm) long, and are mostly dark brown with irregular bands of white or cream. There are small spines on the largest whorl of the smoother forms, the spiniest forms have several rows of spines. The aperture of the shell can be closed at will with an operculum. This snail is a predator; it eats other mollusks, including scallops. Shell size to 140 mm; shell thick, with a large body whorl. Last few whorls bear single or double rows of hollow spines. Base of shell sometimes with single row of smaller, blunt spines. Color light gray or white, with bluish, brownish, or grayish bands. The egg cases are flat, unadorned, and usually stacked and attached at one of the sides to hard surfaces.

   This is a print of an illustration of the Florida Crown Conch. The original illustration is a pen and ink drawing on acid-free Strathmore Bristol Board paper. The print is on glossy photo paper. It is an 8 x 11 inch print. The artist has created botanical illustrations for publications that have been published by the New York Botanical Garden and the University Press of Florida.


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