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Live Oak Quercus virginiana Print

Live Oak Quercus virginiana Print

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The Live Oak, Quercus virginiana, is a large, long-lived, evergreen oak that typically grows 40-80’ tall with a short trunk, low branching and a broad-spreading rounded crown. It is native to coastal plains and woods from Virginia to southern Florida and Texas. This is a majestic tree whose massive spreading limbs and branches are often seen draped with Spanish moss in many parts of its range. Live oaks were planted along many old southern plantation roads and over time have become a symbol of the South. Insignificant monoecious yellowish-green flowers in separate male and female catkins appear in spring. Fruits are ellipsoidal acorns (to 1” long), with scaly cups that extend to approximately 1/3 the acorn length. Acorns are valued food for a variety of wildlife. Elliptic to obovate, leathery, shiny dark green leaves (to 5” long) have smooth edges. Leaves are evergreen. Wood makes excellent fuel because of its high density. Live oak acorns mature in one season. Genus name comes from the classical Latin name for oak trees. Specific epithet means of Virginia.

   This is a print of an illustration of the Live Oak, Quercus virginiana. It has been reproduced in a book about plants entitled Landscape plants for Subtropical Climates. The original illustration is a pen and ink drawing on acid-free Strathmore Bristol Board paper. The print is on glossy photo paper. It is an 8 x 10 inch print. The artist has created botanical illustrations for publications that have been published by the New York Botanical Garden and the University Press of Florida.


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