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Plumbago Cape Leadplant Plumbago auriculata 20 Seeds USA Company

Plumbago Cape Leadplant Plumbago auriculata 20 Seeds USA Company

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Plumbago auriculata, commonly known as "cape leadwort" or "blue plumbago," is a versatile and attractive flowering plant native to South Africa. It is widely cultivated in many parts of the world for its beautiful blue flowers and lush green foliage. Here are some key features and information about Plumbago auriculata:

Appearance: Plumbago auriculata is an evergreen shrub that can grow as a vine, a climber, or a bush, depending on how it is trained and pruned. It has glossy, dark green, oval-shaped leaves that are alternately arranged on the stems.

Flowers: One of its most striking features is its clusters of vibrant, sky-blue, or pale blue, tubular flowers with five petal-like lobes. These flowers are known for their striking color and prolific blooming. They are typically about 1 inch in diameter.

Blooming Period: Plumbago auriculata blooms profusely during the warmer months, from spring through summer and into the fall. The flowers appear in terminal clusters or along the stems.

Habitat and Growth: This plant is adaptable and can grow in a variety of conditions. It thrives in full sun but can also tolerate partial shade. It is well-suited for gardens, borders, and can be trained to climb trellises, walls, and fences. As a ground cover, it forms a dense mat of foliage.

Pruning: Pruning can help maintain the desired shape and size of the plant. Regular trimming can also encourage more prolific blooming.

Drought Tolerance: Plumbago auriculata is relatively drought-tolerant once established. It is a good choice for gardens in regions with periodic water restrictions.

Attracting Wildlife: The colorful flowers of Plumbago auriculata attract pollinators, particularly butterflies, and are a valuable addition to butterfly gardens.

Varieties: There are several cultivars of Plumbago auriculata, including those with different flower colors, such as white and pink.

Medicinal Uses: In traditional medicine, various parts of the plant are believed to have medicinal properties, although it should be noted that the plant may have toxic properties and should be used with caution.

Plumbago auriculata is popular for its vibrant blue flowers, adaptability, and its ability to attract pollinators to gardens. It is a versatile and low-maintenance plant that can be a beautiful addition to both home gardens and public landscapes.


Growing Instructions


Prepare a mixture of half potting soil and half sand, perlite or vermiculite. Water the mixture so that it is moist but not wet.

Put the seeds on the soil.

Cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil.

Water the seeds.

Place the pots in an area with warm temperatures in full sun or part shade. The seeds germinate in 3-4 weeks.

When the seedlings are a few inches tall, they can be transplanted.



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