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Queen Palm Cocos Plumosa Syagrus romanzoffiana 20 Seeds USA Company

Queen Palm Cocos Plumosa Syagrus romanzoffiana 20 Seeds USA Company

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Majestic and lush, the Queen Palm has long feathery fronds and a smooth, light gray trunk. The queen palm really does strike a regal pose in the landscape. Growing to maximum height of about 50 feet, this palm has a smooth straight grey trunk ringed with evenly spaced leaf scars and topped with a large canopy of feathery plumes. These lacy fronds are a dark glossy green and have double rows of leaflets. These droop to the ground like double rows of fringe to cast shady patterns on the lawn. Informal groupings of three or more queens provides soft filtered sunlight perfect for shade gardens. During the summer season the queen decks herself out with impressive inflorescences. Bright orange 1 inch oval "dates" hang in impressive 6' bunches creating a colorful show. Queen palm is tolerant but prefers enriched sandy soils. Fertilize twice a year in spring and summer with a fertilizer that contains micronutrients, especially manganese. Native to Brazil, Paraguay and northern Argentina in South America. The Queen palm has a fast growth rate and it is easy to grow. It may get a manganese deficiency and so it should be fertilized twice a year with a fertilizer that contains manganese and other micronutrients. With a little care a small plant will make a dramatic specimen within a few years.


Growing Instructions


  1. Soak the seeds in warm water for one day.
  2. Put a mix of half potting soil or peat moss and half sand or perlite in pots that have drainage holes in the base.
  3. Water the pots so that they are saturated and then let the water drain out of the pots.
  4. Sow the seeds on the growing medium and cover them with 5-10 mm of the medium.
  5. Water the seeds regularly so that the soil is not dry but do not overwater them.
  6. Put the pots in an area in full sun or partial shade. The seeds usually take 1-4 months to germinate.
  7. When the seedlings have a few leaves, they can be planted in an area in full sun and sandy soil.


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