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Senegal Date Palm Phoenix reclinata 20 Seeds USA Company

Senegal Date Palm Phoenix reclinata 20 Seeds USA Company

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The Senegal Date Palm is a beautiful and unusual palm that grows in huge clumps that can make a dramatic specimen plant perfect for yards, parks, and campuses. It makes a powerful statement against large backdrops with its gracefully curving stems. It can also thrive in large containers and other confined urban areas. It creates an interesting silhouette with its multiple, gracefully curved, often reclining, slender brown trunks, and dense crowns of stiff but feathery leaf fronds. A mature specimen of Senegal Date Palm can reach 35 feet in height with a 12 to 20-foot-spread and creates a striking tree which casts a light shade. The palm is elegant when lit from below at night. It is best used as an accent for large landscapes and parks. The somewhat showy flower stalks, often lost within the thick foliage, are followed by one-inch-long, bright orange dates which are incredibly showy. It is native to Tropical Africa, The Arabian Peninsula, Madagascar, and the Comoro Islands.

Growing Instructions

  1. Soak the seed in water for 24 hours.
  2. Prepare a mixture of half potting soil and half sand, perlite or vermiculite. Water the mixture so that it is moist but not wet.
  3. Put the seeds on the soil.
  4. Cover the seeds with a ½ inch thick layer of soil.
  5. Water the seeds. They take 1 to 3 months to sprout.
  6. Place the pots in an area with warm temperatures in full sun or part shade.
  7. When the seedlings are a few inches tall, they can be transplanted.


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